Scoop Character Descriptions

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Mr. Baldwin - Small and mysterious, this character, along with a servant, joins the protagonist on a flight to Paris.

Jack Bannister - This character is a senior official in the British Legation in Ishmaelia and an old school friend of the protagonist.

Doctor Benito - A rather sinister figure, this character is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Propaganda in Ishmaelia.

Uncle Bernard - This character spends his life conducting scholarly research on the Boot family pedigree.

Nannie Bloggs - This character is the protagonist's old caretaker at Boot Magna Hall.

John Courteney Boot - A successful writer who has written eight books, including novels, this character is the victim of an unfortunate mix-up with the protagonist.

Priscilla Boot - This character is the protagonist's sister, who causes the protagonist great distress by jokingly editing an article.

William Boot - A quiet character who wants...

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