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Book 1, Part 1

• John Boot visits Julia Stitch, seeking some pretext to leave the country.

• Julia Stitch convinces Lord Copper, proprietor of the Daily Beast, to hire John Boot to cover the war in Ishmaelia.

• Mr. Salter, Foreign Editor of the Daily Beast, mistakes William Boot, a countryman, for John Boot, and is perplexed as to why Lord Copper wants him to cover the war, but sends for William anyway.

Book 1, Part 2

• William Boot, his last article to the Daily Beast having been messed up by his sister Priscilla, anxiously awaits communication from the paper telling him that he has been fired.

• Upon receiving a telegram from the Daily Beast, William travels to meet with Mr. Salter in London, a city of which he is horrified.

• Although he is reluctant to do so, William agrees to cover the Ishmaelite war under threat of being fired.

Book 1, Part 3

• William spends...

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