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Short Answer Questions

1. What type of "meeting" does Oskar attend, along with Madritsch and Bosch, in Amon's office in Chapter 29?

2. By the autumn of 1944, how many people were employed in Madritch's uniform factory?

3. What did Oskar have secreted away in his car in Chapter 37?

4. Marcel Goldberg, personnel clerk, was open to bribes for doing what?

5. What phrase was on the posters that went up in Oskar's hometown?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter 15, Keneally contrasts a scene of brutal killing against a scene of Red Genia's survival. Describe your thoughts not only on the scenes themselves, but why Keneally juxtaposed them together in this way.

Essay Topic 2

Power--or the lack of it--was a matter of life or death in Schindler's List. Hitler had almost complete control over Germany, of course. What types of power were exhibited in the novel? Did power shift during the course of the story? If so, from what person or group to which person or group?

Essay Topic 3

In the Prologue, Goeth and his dinner partners laugh at the image of Oskar in a military uniform, and in Chapter 1 there is only the briefest mention of his military service, and the statement that he abhorred it mostly on the grounds of discomfort. Do you think, then, that Oskar was a combatant during the war? Was his ownership of DEF "military service"? If so, for which side? He did, after all, manufacture enamelware for the German troops.

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