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Short Answer Questions

1. When Schindler breaks into the abandoned warehouse in Chapter 37, what does he find?

2. Who was the engineer of Schindler's new housing for his workers?

3. What phrase was on the posters that went up in Oskar's hometown?

4. What does Emilie Schindler travel to Ostrava to get?

5. What is the parallel that Keneally draws with Amon and Oskar's card game?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Oskar Schindler resisted the Nazi occupation by hiring Jews, rather than choosing a more vocal or forceful resistance. Why do you think he chose this path? Potentially, he could have been more vocal, or even have become a spy, since he had some experience in that field. Talk about other forms of resistance he could have chosen, and why you believe, based on what you've read in the book, he chose to "resist" via his factory. Use at least one specific example from the book to back up your statement.

Essay Topic 2

Keneally begins his book with character descriptions and backgrounds, both Jew and German. Even the Prologue is more character-driven than plot-driven. The plot of the book doesn't really begin until after we know the players. Why do you think Keneally did that? What advantages does that offer for the book or the reader? What disadvantages?

Essay Topic 3

For a character to be memorable, he or she must grow during the course of the novel--in other words, the character cannot be the same person inside that he or she was at the outset. Describe how Oskar Shindler changed and grew during the novel. Use at least one specific example from the beginning of the novel, and at least one specific example from the end of the novel to illustrate your point.

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