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Short Answer Questions

1. To where does Schindler agree to travel in Chapter 17?

2. What was the Christmas gift that Schindler bought for his secretary Klonowska in Chapter 8?

3. What does Schindler tell Helen Hirsch before he leaves?

4. What does the SS force former jeweler Mordecai Wulkan to do?

5. In Chapter One, Oskar Schindler meets Eberhard Gebauer, who offers Schindler the opportunity to join the. . .

Short Essay Questions

1. Chapter 25 describes Oskar's arrangement of a tour of Plaszow by Babar and Sedlacek, complete with a miniature camera. Emalia is only recently established. Why would Oskar take such a risk?

2. Chapter 16 compares the ZOB's resistance style (blowing things up) against Oskar's style (protecting his Jewish workers). Describe which method you think is more effective, and why.

3. Oskar's 37th birthday, described in Chapter 37, is a happy day for the prisoners, though for Oskar there is a cloud over it because of a telegram. What was the news in that telegram?

4. Henry Rosner recalls that, even after the war, Oskar was the "great discoverer of unprocurables." What did he obtain in Munich that seemingly no one else could obtain?

5. In the Prologue, Keneally describes Schindler as "Sudenten German--Arkansas to their Manhattan, Liverpool to their Cambridge." What does he mean by this?

6. Oskar bought some new machinery locally, some from the "homeland." What might be some reasons for that?

7. In Chapter 27, the burning of the bodies begins at Plaszow. Keneally says "In the enthusiasm of the spring of 1943, bodies--notably the bodies of those killed in the ghetto's last two days--were thrown randomly into mass graves in the woods." Having read of the number killed in the ghetto clearances, and knowing how many have been killed since at Plaszow, describe how you think this level of murder could be completely hidden. If you think it cannot be completely hidden, tell why you think that.

8. In the midst of a concentration camp, Josef Bau meets, falls in love with, and decides to marry Rebecca Tannenbaum. Based on what you know from the book to this point, why do you think Josef did this, when either of their lives could end at any moment?

9. Why do you think the shopkeepers at the beginning of Chapter 2 accepted worthless currency in exchange for perfectly good bolts of cloth?

10. Unlike the secret pictures taken by Babar in Chapter 25, Raimund Titsch took rolls of photographs with Goeth's knowledge. In fact, many of them were of Goeth, as well as Goeth's girlfriend Majola. What does the fact that Goeth allowed this tell you about him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter 11, Oskar is arrested for the first time. At the end of Chapter 11, Keneally says, "Oskar was convinced, as he thanked the man, that the acquittal was temporary." Why do you think Oskar might have believed that? He was, of course, arrested again. After the first arrest, why do you think Oskar Schindler didn't change what he was doing to avoid the future arrest? Write at least one page outlining your thoughts about Oskar's actions and motivations, and use at least one specific example from the book to back up your statement.

Essay Topic 2

Keneally begins his book with character descriptions and backgrounds, both Jew and German. Even the Prologue is more character-driven than plot-driven. The plot of the book doesn't really begin until after we know the players. Why do you think Keneally did that? What advantages does that offer for the book or the reader? What disadvantages?

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 15, Keneally contrasts a scene of brutal killing against a scene of Red Genia's survival. Describe your thoughts not only on the scenes themselves, but why Keneally juxtaposed them together in this way.

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