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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Oskar bring to Emalia at the beginning of Chapter 23?
(a) Regina, Niusia, and Richard Horowitz.
(b) Ingrid and Ricard Baume.
(c) Dolek Horowitz.
(d) Luisa Kleinfeld.

2. Dolek Horowitz believed the Jews sent from Emalia to Plaszow would be extricated by Schindler because he had. . .
(a) Bribed Amon Goeth.
(b) A list.
(c) Spoken to Goeth's boss about it.
(d) Dug a tunnel out of Plaszow.

3. About what did the SS question Helen Hirsch?
(a) If she had ever tried to escape Plaszow.
(b) Where Goeth got the money to live his lavish lifestyle.
(c) The bruises on her face and body.
(d) Any participation she might have had in Goeth's swindles.

4. How much was Schindler spending each month on black-market food for his workers?
(a) 50,000 zloty.
(b) 25,000 zloty
(c) 35,000 zloty.
(d) 10,000 zloty.

5. Who was the first prisoner that Oskar Schindler had buried after death?
(a) Dr. Alexander Biberstein
(b) Rabbi Levartov.
(c) Henry Rosner.
(d) Janka Feigenbaum.

Short Answer Questions

1. Two truckloads of what food arrived on the day of Oskar's 37th birthday?

2. Many of the German soldiers and officers who killed the Jews are reported in the book as resorting to what solace?

3. What happened to Mila Pfefferberg's mother, a dermatologist?

4. Why did Amon Goeth set up the Chilowicz family for a sure death sentence?

5. Young Richard Rosner was never able to go to a children's playground again without growing hysterical at the sight of what piece of equipment?

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