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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Schindler breaks into the abandoned warehouse in Chapter 37, what does he find?
(a) Marlboro cigarettes.
(b) Wyborowa vodka.
(c) Chopin vodka.
(d) Egipski cigarettes.

2. Throughout the war years, Oskar is depicted as. . .
(a) Spending like a compulsive gambler.
(b) Bullying his way to the top.
(c) Living inconspicuously.
(d) Arguing with the Gestapo.

3. What was Oskar Schindler's profit in the year chronicled in Chapter 22?
(a) 8.3 million Reichsmarks.
(b) 15.8 million Reichsmarks.
(c) 10 million Reichsmarks.
(d) 12.7 million Reichsmarks.

4. What gift does Oskar bring Amon Goeth at the beginning of Chapter 29?
(a) A night with a prostitute.
(b) A bottle of vodka.
(c) A gold letter-opener.
(d) A saddle.

5. How many people does Keneally say were found hiding by the SS and killed in the final clearance of the Jewish ghetto in Cracow?
(a) 5,000.
(b) 2,000.
(c) 4,000.
(d) 3,000.

6. Who was the prisoner with the photographic memory who would, in the end, provide damning evidence against Amon Goeth?
(a) Symche Spira.
(b) Roman Gintner.
(c) Frau Kochmann.
(d) Mietek Pemper.

7. What type of activity did Oskar tell Hassebroeck that Liepold longed to do, and so should be given the opportunity?
(a) Supply officer.
(b) Chef.
(c) Equestrian officer.
(d) Combat.

8. How much money did the Joint Distribution Committee grant to Oskar as thanks for his work?
(a) 50,000 zloty.
(b) $15,000.
(c) 80,000 RM.
(d) $18,000.

9. During the winter of 1944-45, how many people does Keneally state that Schindler and Sussmuth managed to get out of Auschwitz?
(a) 2,000.
(b) 4,000.
(c) 3,000.
(d) 1,000.

10. What happened to Mila Pfefferberg's mother, a dermatologist?
(a) She took cyanide rather than go to a concentration camp.
(b) She was gunned down by the SS while standing among her patients.
(c) She was able to escape Poland by hiding in the bottom of a barge.
(d) She gave up her life so that the Pfefferberg's daughter could escape to the West.

11. Raimund Titsch meets with Amon Goeth to do what?
(a) Change figures in the books of the camps.
(b) Discuss weapons.
(c) Plan shipments of Jews.
(d) Play chess.

12. What phrase was on the posters that went up in Oskar's hometown?
(a) We'll win the war without you, Jew.
(b) Jews--lice--danger.
(c) Keep the Jewish criminals out.
(d) No Jews, no way!

13. Oskar began working for what institution?
(a) The Schindlerjuden Institute.
(b) The Polish History Society.
(c) German Friends of Hebrew University.
(d) The German National Congress.

14. What does Emilie Schindler travel to Ostrava to get?
(a) Ointments, sulfa, and vitamins.
(b) Diamonds, vodka, and bolts of woolen material.
(c) Wheat, corn, and vegetables.
(d) Vodka and wine.

15. By the autumn of 1944, how many people were employed in Madritch's uniform factory?
(a) More than 2,000 people.
(b) More than 1,000 people.
(c) More than 3,000 people.
(d) More than 4,000 people.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much was Schindler spending each month on black-market food for his workers?

2. In Jerusalem, Oskar was declared to be what?

3. What was the name of the secret, postwar society of SS men?

4. What type of factory did Schindler open, using capital from the Joint Distribution Committee and "loans" from some Schindler Jews?

5. Marcel Goldberg, personnel clerk, was open to bribes for doing what?

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