Schindler's List Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. During which war does the action in this novel take place?

World War II.

2. In which country does the novel take place?


3. According to the Prologue, Herr Schindler approached his dinner at Commandant Goethe's with. . .


4. In the Prologue, a prisoner is also on his way to the Commandant's villa. Who is that prisoner?

Polek Pfefferberg.

5. What gift does Herr Schindler bring with him to dinner in the Prologue?

A gold-plated cigarette case.

6. Who is the oldest person at the dinner party described in the Prologue?

Franz Bosch.

7. In the Prologue, the narrator remarks that only Schindler, Madritsch, and Titsch regularly spent money on this commodity. What is it?

Extra bread.

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