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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11-15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While the Prologue's dinner party is going on downstairs, what is happening upstairs?
(a) An after-dinner surprise is being set up for Goeth.
(b) Two prisoners are sneaking in a prostitute for Goeth.
(c) Pfefferberg and Lisiek are scrubbing Goeth's bathtub.
(d) A listening device is being placed in Goeth's room.

2. In the Prologue, what does Bosch ask Schindler for, to benefit one of Bosch's relatives?
(a) Clothing.
(b) Kitchenware.
(c) Silverware.
(d) Furniture.

3. What does Oskar Schindler hire Mina Pfefferberg to do?
(a) Serve as hostess at his frequent dinner parties.
(b) Clean his Cracow apartment once a week.
(c) Interior decoration of his Cracow apartment.
(d) Clean up the apartment after the SS had gone through it, making a mess.

4. Rolf Czurda tells Oskar the reason the Jews have no future. What is that reason?
(a) It's ethnic cleansing.
(b) It's policy.
(c) It's a written mandate.
(d) It's them or us.

5. To what type of venue did Oskar Schindler invite a group of men around Christmas of 1939?
(a) A high-class dinner club.
(b) A men's club.
(c) A jazz club.
(d) A country club.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Judenrat was what?

2. When the Gestapo officers arrived at his factory, what did Schindler give to Klonowska?

3. In what year was Oskar Schindler born?

4. In Chapter 10, Keneally states that the SS was becoming more powerful because they were becoming:

5. What is the name of Schindler's wife?

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