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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 31-35.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Does an actual list of Schindler survivors exist?
(a) Yes, in the Polish National Museum.
(b) Yes, in the Jewish Museum in Israel.
(c) Yes, in the archives of the Yad Vashem.
(d) No, no such list survived the war.

2. Where were Schindler's female workers sent, rather than Brinnlitz?
(a) Auschwitz.
(b) Belzec.
(c) Breslau.
(d) Birkenau.

3. What was the address of Oskar Schindler's factory?
(a) At the corner of Lipowa and Wawel.
(b) 79 Toffelmeister.
(c) 152 Lodz Avenue.
(d) No. 4 Lipowa Street.

4. In Chapter 10, Schindler becomes familiar with someone because of his daily drives past the ghetto area. Who was that person?
(a) Natalya Pomorska.
(b) Artur Rosenzweig.
(c) Artur Rosenburg.
(d) Symche Spira.

5. How long was the first leg of the prisoners' journey from Plaszow to Brinnlitz?
(a) Three days.
(b) Four days.
(c) A week.
(d) Two days.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the SS force former jeweler Mordecai Wulkan to do?

2. According to Commandant Rudolf Hoss, how many people per day could be gassed at the Auschwitz complex?

3. By November 1, 1940, Governor General Frank had moved how many Jewish volunteers out of Cracow?

4. What was the amount of the bribe that Marek Biberstein was going to pay to allow 10,000 Cracow Jews to remain in their homes?

5. The Party Kreisleiter in Zwittau wrote to Berlin complaining about the Jews. What was their complaint?

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