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Objective: The prologue begins with Oskar Schindler on his way to a dinner in a German concentration camp. Many characters are introduced, both German and Jewish. The objective of this lesson is to compare and contrast the setting and characters with which Keneally opens the book, and explore the author's possible reasons for doing so.

1. In-Class Assignment:
Choose one German character and one Jewish character, besides Oskar Schindler, introduced in the prologue. How are these two characters introduced by the author? Are they portrayed sympathetically, or given less-than-stellar introductions? Do you see the characters as all bad, all good, or a mixture of both? Why do you think Keneally introduced them the way he did? How do you feel about each character after reading just the introduction? Write at least one paragraph about each character, answering the above questions.

2. In-Class Discussion:
Using your characters from #1 above, as...

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