Schindler's List Character Descriptions

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Abraham Bankier - This person manages a defunct enamelware business and is one of several workers boarded onto a cattle car bound for a labor camp.

Josef Bau - This person is an artist from Kraków who marries a Jewish person while working at the Plaszow camp.

Rebecca Bau - See Rebecca Tannenbaum

Oswald Bosko - This character is a German police Wachmeister, or sergeant, sympathetic to the Jews, who is eventually shot and killed for treason.

Wilek Chilowicz - The chief of the Jewish camp police, this character enjoys using power, but is eventually killed near the end of the book.

Rolf Czurda - This person is chief of the Kraków branch of the SS security service. The Plaszow camp is under this character's authority.

Danka Dresner - This character is hidden in the wall during an Aktion in the ghetto.

Mrs. Dresner...

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