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• The Prologue begins in 1943 Poland.

• Herr Oskar Schindler is described first, on his way to a dinner party.

• The dinner party is being held at the forced-labor camp of Plaszow.

• Tall and somewhat elegant, he enjoys the finer things in life and is being driven to dinner in a limousine.

• We discover that, while he dines and socializes with the German officers, he finds most of them very distasteful.

• Several German officers are introduced, including Commondant Amon Goeth, who is in charge.

• Several German prisoners are introduced, including Poldek Pfefferberg, who used to be a teacher, and Lisiek, who used to be one of his pupils.

• Helen Hirsch is introduced. She is Goeth's personal maid, and he beats her, but does not rape her. He calls her Lena, too lazy to even use her real name.

• Several prostitutes are at the dinner party, and we begin to...

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