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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many of the girls does the principal in Anacostia say will be pregnant by the fifth grade?
(a) One third.
(b) Three fourths.
(c) Two thirds.
(d) One fourth.

2. According to the principal, how much does Woodrow Wilson spend yearly on each student?
(a) $2,000.
(b) $3,000.
(c) $5,000.
(d) $4,000.

3. What does the principal at PS79 say he will have to do if more students enroll at his school?
(a) He will have to bus them to another school.
(b) He will have to find another building.
(c) He will have to hold some classes in temporary trailers.
(d) He will have to expand his classes.

4. What type of equipment do the students at Pyne Point Junior High use in their typing class?
(a) New Olympia typewriters.
(b) Slightly used computers from one of the schools in Cherry Hill.
(c) Old Dell computers.
(d) Old Olympia typewriters.

5. Where is Camden ranked in terms of its number of poor people as compared to other states in the U.S.?
(a) Fourth.
(b) First.
(c) Third.
(d) Second.

6. What type of facility is missing from Camden High School?
(a) Locker room.
(b) Gym.
(c) A lunch facility.
(d) Teacher's lounge.

7. Which school did President George H.W. Bush attend?
(a) Phillips Academy.
(b) Dearfield Academy.
(c) St. Johns Academy.
(d) Dearborne Academy.

8. What does the principal of Tunisia's school say she sees children doing in order to have something to eat at home?
(a) Staying after school to receive free dinner.
(b) Pocketing chicken nuggets.
(c) Asking for extra food at lunch.
(d) Stealing from other students lunches.

9. What does Kozol say Camden's entire property wealth of $250 million is less than the value of?
(a) One country club in Cherry Hill.
(b) One upscale department store on New York City's Fifth Avenue.
(c) One school in the suburbs of Camden.
(d) One casino in Atlantic City.

10. Who are the manual arts classes in the Riverdale school reserved for?
(a) The honors students.
(b) Students with an interest in the manual arts.
(c) Truant students.
(d) The special education students.

11. According to Delabian Rice Thurston, where do the rich in Washington, D.C. try to send their children?
(a) Boarding school.
(b) Public school.
(c) Private school.
(d) Catholic school.

12. What are test scores in math and reading in America graded against?
(a) A norm or average.
(b) An absolute standard.
(c) A regional standard.
(d) A national standard.

13. What does the Wall Street Journal say has remained static while per-pupil spending has increased?
(a) Student attendance.
(b) The dropout rate.
(c) Student achievement.
(d) Teacher retention rates.

14. What type of early child care program can the principal at PS79 not start at his school?
(a) Pre-kindergarten.
(b) Even State program.
(c) Morning kindergarten.
(d) Head Start program.

15. Why did the city of Chicago construct the high-speed Dan Ryan Expressway to go around certain parts of the city?
(a) To cut off the industrial sections of the city.
(b) To cut off the section of the city that houses the housing projects for black people.
(c) To only service those living in the suburbs, but working in downtown Chicago.
(d) To avoid sections of the city that were not highly populated.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the school administrator at Morris High School in the South Bronx encourage the supposedly slow children to express themselves?

2. According to Kozol, students in what racial group are more often categorized as retarded?

3. What does Kozol think will not solve inner-city problems?

4. According to Kozol, what does the city of New York supply each ghetto school with?

5. At what age does the principal in Anacostia say many of the boys in her school will be dead?

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