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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Temple going to school?
(a) Yale
(b) Georgetown
(c) Oxford
(d) Harvard

2. What kind of people is Ruby discriminative of?
(a) Black people
(b) Stupid people
(c) Rich people
(d) Poor people

3. What happens to the African American murderer?
(a) He is put in jail
(b) He is shot
(c) He is set free
(d) He is hanged

4. What does Benbow refuse to do with the house he owns?
(a) Fix it
(b) Live in it
(c) Sell it
(d) Rent it

5. Who gives Temple a ride to leave the plantation?
(a) Tommy
(b) Popeye
(c) Goodwin
(d) Benbow

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Temple lay her dress out at night?

2. Why does Stevens go to the barn at the Frenchman Place?

3. What does Narcissa worry Benbow is risking by helping Ruby?

4. Where does Goodwin get most of his business from?

5. What does Popeye call Benbow when introducing him at the Frenchman Place?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Goodwin arrested for, and how does he respond?

2. Where does Temple wake up on the plantation, and why?

3. How does Goodwin make a living?

4. What kind act does Ruby to for Temple?

5. Why is Temple brought to the plantation?

6. What is the first challenge Benbow poses to Popeye?

7. How does Narcissafeel about Benbow being involved in Goodwin’s case?

8. How does the author describe Miss Jenny?

9. What does Narcissa think Benbow should do when she first sees him at her house?

10. How does Stevens end his relationship with Narcissa?

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