Sanctuary Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What happens when Benbow and Popeye first meet?

When Benbow and Popeye first meet, they stand watching each other warily for quite some time before having an awkward conversation and walking together to the Old Frenchman Place.

2. What is the first challenge Benbow poses to Popeye?

Benbow first challenges Popeye by asking him what kind of bird is near them when he sees one he knows Popeye will not be able to identify.

3. How does Ruby treat Benbow when they first meet?

When Ruby first meets Benbow, she is very rude. She finds him obnoxious and hates that he is there instead of with his family. It seems that she not only hates having one more mouth to feed, but highly disapproves of his reasons for being there.

4. How does Goodwin make a living?

Goodwin makes a living by creating whiskey at his plantation. He can sell this at very high rates because it is illegal and hard to come by.

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