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Chapters 1-6

• Benbow and Popeye meet at a spring in Mississippi and stare at each other for hours before talking.

• Benbow says he is a lawyer. Popeye says all he wants to do is get to Jefferson before dark, but he is curious about the book Benbow is carrying.

• The men come to Old Frenchman Place, a plantation, and Popeye introduces Benbow to the men there as Professor.

• They go into the house, and Popeye tells Ruby, the cook, about Benbow. She becomes very angry and yells at Benbow.

• Goodwin comes in around dinnertime with an old man. Benbow says he needs to get going and Ruby tells him to hurry to his own womenfolk.

• Benbow says nature must be female. He also says he left his wife, Belle, because she liked to eat shrimp and the package would leak. It is all very strange.

• Benbow also says...

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