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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Gillian's dad?
(a) Amos.
(b) Alton.
(c) Adam.
(d) Avery.

2. What does Meg want to buy from Starshine's business to help after Stuart's stroke?
(a) A bouquet of daisies.
(b) A well-balanced meal.
(c) Spell supplies.
(d) A health book.

3. What is Harlan's profession?
(a) A health inspector.
(b) A repairman.
(c) A police officer.
(d) A waiter.

4. What is the name of the school at which Jack used to teach?
(a) Westminster Academy.
(b) Westenbrook Academy.
(c) Wellingbrook Academy.
(d) Washington Academy.

5. What was Addie's father driving when he was arrested?
(a) A bicycle.
(b) A golf cart.
(c) A lawnmower.
(d) A scooter.

6. Who first tries to interview Jack after Gillian's accusation?
(a) Charlie.
(b) Amos.
(c) Jordan.
(d) Wes.

7. What does the reverend do when Jack tries to defend himself against the accusations?
(a) Calls the police.
(b) Closes the door on his face.
(c) Lets him have a confessional.
(d) Punches him.

8. What did Gillian steal from her father's labs?
(a) Phen Phen.
(b) Belladonna.
(c) Birth Control.
(d) Novacaine.

9. Who sent Jack to the infirmary?
(a) Avery.
(b) Rocky.
(c) Mountain.
(d) Aldo.

10. Where does Jack go after his first big fight with Addie?
(a) The police station.
(b) A hotel.
(c) A bar.
(d) The park.

11. Who tells Addie about Jack's conviction?
(a) Charlie.
(b) Jack.
(c) Wes.
(d) Jordan.

12. What does Addie do for Jordan when he comes to the diner during the school dance?
(a) Pays him to fix a table.
(b) Asks about his son.
(c) Makes him some coffee.
(d) Comforts him about his loss.

13. What does Addie say when Jack eats food from an uneaten plate?
(a) Don't eat her food.
(b) She never finishes her food.
(c) Don't leave that sitting there.
(d) You are welcome to that.

14. How old was Addie's daughter when she died?
(a) 8.
(b) 12.
(c) 10.
(d) 6.

15. What was Jack's main occupation before moving to Salem Falls?
(a) Writer.
(b) Counselor.
(c) Teacher.
(d) Coach.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of company does Gillian's dad own?

2. How did someone know to look for Stuart after his stroke?

3. About what subject was Jack teaching when one of his students fell in love with him?

4. What kind of business does Starshine own?

5. What does Roy do to break the tension when he is caught drinking in the diner?

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