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North Haverhill

This is the town where the prison is located and through which Jack walks in the beginning of the novel.

Salem Falls

This is the town to which Jack St. Bride moves after being released from prison.


This is owned by Addie Peabody. Jack St. Bride gets a job here after he is released from prison.

Duncan Pharmaceuticals

This is owned by the father of Gillian. This is the place from which Gillian steals the atropine that she and her friends take during a ritual.

Grafton County

This is the prison where Jack St. Bride serves time.

Book of Shadows

This is a witch's book that hold spells and rituals.

Wiccan Read

This is a store owned by Starshine.

Carroll County

This is where the main city in the town is located.

Westonbrook Academy

This is the school where Jack is teaching when he is...

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