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Lesson 1

Objective: Prologue, March 2000, North Haverhill, New Hampshire and Chapter 1, March 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire The first chapter of this book is dedicated to describing the Salem Falls, which is is a unique area of the country where a great deal of this book will take place. The objective of this lesson will be to discuss and research this unique setting, and explore some of the reasons why the author chose to place this plot in this setting.

1) Group Activity: Split the class into groups and assign each group an important section of knowledge of the area that Addie lives in- remember to get information that is pertinent to when this book took place- i.e.: the weather/climate, the population, the occupations, the animal life, etc. Have each group study their bit of information and create a presentation to share with the class about their information. Have...

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