Salem Falls Character Descriptions

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Jack St. Bride

This character was accused of having an affair with a student, but the accusation turns out to be false.

Addie Peabody

This character is a waitress and owner of the Do-Or-Diner who pretends her daughter is alive.

Gillian Duncan

This character is involved in Wicca with her friends and frequently tries to call the spirit of her mother, who died when she was younger.

Roy Peabody

This character is arrested for driving under the influence when he is caught riding a lawn mower down a highway while drunk.

Jordan McAfee

This character defends a man who is accused of rape and does not believe he is innocent at first.

Selena Damascus

This character is a private detective who helps to prove the innocence of a man accused of rape.

Meg Saxton

This character is involved in Wicca with...

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