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Prologue, March 2000, North Haverhill, New Hampshire and Chapter 1, March 2000, Salem Falls, New Hampshire

• Jack is released from prison after serving a sentence for statutory rape. He drives a taxi through different towns until he gets to Salem Falls and decides to stay there.

• Addie owns a diner. Her fridge stops working, so she has her cook and her customers build snowmen to put in it.

• When Jack gets to the diner, Addie pretends he is a repairman for the fridge because she is in trouble with Harlan, who is an inspector.
• Gillian pretends to be sick so she can stay home from school. Her friends come to her house, and they practice Wiccan spells.

• Addie's father is arrested for drunken driving while operating a lawnmower. She brings him to his room over the diner.
• Addie is grateful for Jack's help with the inspector, and thanks him by giving...

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