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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the castle in which the play opens?
(a) Vaucouleurs.
(b) Chambord.
(c) Château d' Azay-le-Rideau.
(d) Valençay.

2. In Scene 3 when the men in the castle discuss Joan, what do they do?
(a) They debate her authenticity.
(b) They praise her strength.
(c) They doubt her faith.
(d) They debate her connection to God.

3. What would the ships be hastened by in Scene 3?
(a) A favorable wind.
(b) An outbound current.
(c) Their talented oarsmen.
(d) The presence of their commander.

4. What is the purpose of Joan's request to the leader of her country in Scene 1?
(a) To bring peace to the kingdom.
(b) To be able to find a rich husband.
(c) To drive the English out of France.
(d) To make sure she is paid a fair wage for her duties.

5. In Scene 2, who joins the two men awaiting the Dauphin's arrival?
(a) Bluebeard.
(b) Robert de Baudricourt.
(c) Joan.
(d) The steward.

6. There is an officer in Scene 2 nicknamed "Bluebeard." Why is that his nickname?
(a) He dyes his facial hair blue.
(b) His mother gave him that nickname as a baby.
(c) His beard is an odd shade of gray that looks bluish.
(d) There is a rumor that he has killed his former wives and buried them in the basement.

7. At which landmark is the French army located in the beginning of Scene 3?
(a) The palace.
(b) The Arc de Triomphe.
(c) La Tour Eiffel.
(d) The Loire River.

8. In Scene 2, Joan receives scorn for what?
(a) Her boyish hairstyle and clothing.
(b) Her forward nature.
(c) Her lack of military prowess.
(d) Her visions.

9. The hens' recovery at the end of Scene 1 proves what to Robert?
(a) That he needs to buy new hens.
(b) That the hens were just being stubborn.
(c) That their illness was easily cured.
(d) That Joan is sent by God.

10. In Scene 3, what proves that Joan's power has risen significantly?
(a) The army's dedication to her.
(b) The blessing of the Archbishop.
(c) The fact that she has acquired an army and led it to Orleans.
(d) The English army surrenders to Joan's French army.

11. Who lives in the castle mentioned in Scene 1?
(a) The castle is abandoned.
(b) A military officer.
(c) The King of England.
(d) The Dauphin.

12. In Scene 2, who schemes to trick Joan?
(a) Archbishop of Rheims, Gilles de Rais, Lord Chamberlain de la Tremouille, and the Dauphin.
(b) No one.
(c) Gilles de Rais and Archbishop of Rheims.
(d) The Dauphin and Lord Chamberlain de la Tremouille.

13. In Scene 2, what subject is being discussed by the Archbishop and Lord Chamberlain de la Tremouille?
(a) Financial matters of state.
(b) What to have for dinner.
(c) A plan to overthrow the Dauphin.
(d) The dour state of France.

14. How does Joan feel about meeting with the leader of her country?
(a) Confident.
(b) Frightened.
(c) Nervous.
(d) Nonplussed.

15. In Scene 2, what is the second achievement that Joan tells the Dauphin he will attain?
(a) He will be killed in battle and become a war hero for France.
(b) He will vanquish the Spanish in battle.
(c) He will become wealthy quickly and be able to pay his debts.
(d) He will be crowned as King of France in the Cathedral of Rheims.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Joan anxious to do in Scene 3?

2. In Scene 3, what is one of the attributes Joan is given that is considered verification of her reputation?

3. What happens after Joan leaves in Scene 1?

4. In Scene 1, what does Robert think about Joan's assertion that she hears voices?

5. In Scene 1, the castle is described as located on a river between which two cities?

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