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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the leader that Joan hopes to influence in Scene 1?
(a) The King.
(b) The Prince.
(c) The Dauphin.
(d) The Queen.

2. In Scene 2, what subject is being discussed by the Archbishop and Lord Chamberlain de la Tremouille?
(a) Financial matters of state.
(b) The dour state of France.
(c) A plan to overthrow the Dauphin.
(d) What to have for dinner.

3. What is the name of the castle in which the play opens?
(a) Chambord.
(b) Château d' Azay-le-Rideau.
(c) Valençay.
(d) Vaucouleurs.

4. In Scene 3, what proves that Joan's power has risen significantly?
(a) The blessing of the Archbishop.
(b) The army's dedication to her.
(c) The fact that she has acquired an army and led it to Orleans.
(d) The English army surrenders to Joan's French army.

5. Who is the commander of the French army in Scene 3?
(a) de la Tremouille.
(b) Dunois.
(c) de Baudricourt.
(d) de Rais.

6. How does Joan feel about meeting with the leader of her country?
(a) Confident.
(b) Frightened.
(c) Nervous.
(d) Nonplussed.

7. In Scene 2, where do the Dauphin's advisers wait for him to arrive?
(a) In a stable on the outskirts of Lorraine.
(b) In the cathedral at Rheims.
(c) In a stable on the outskirts of Champagne.
(d) In a castle.

8. In Scene 2, who is waiting for the arrival of the Dauphin?
(a) Robert de Baudricourt and his steward.
(b) Dunois.
(c) The Archbishop of Rheims and the Lord Chamberlain de la Tremouille.
(d) Joan.

9. What is the French army unable to do in the beginning of Scene 3?
(a) Get organized.
(b) Defeat the Spanish.
(c) Come up with a competent strategy.
(d) Cross the river.

10. What is the cause of the lack of eggs for Robert's breakfast in Scene 1?
(a) The eggs were stepped on.
(b) Maid Joan's presence.
(c) The hens are diseased.
(d) A fox killed the hens.

11. What does the French commander desperately need in Scene 3?
(a) Reinforcements.
(b) Rest for his army.
(c) A westward wind.
(d) Food for his army.

12. In Scene 1, what city does Joan hope will be the location for the siege?
(a) Alsace.
(b) Orleans.
(c) Paris.
(d) Bonhomme.

13. Why does the French commander not allow Joan to move forward to attack?
(a) Because he thinks Joan doesn't have any idea what she is doing.
(b) Because he will not allow a woman to lead his army.
(c) Because the English army is too powerful.
(d) Because of unfavorable wind conditions.

14. The play opens in what year?
(a) 1492.
(b) 1429.
(c) 1560.
(d) 1776.

15. In what room does Joan meet with the Dauphin?
(a) The kitchen.
(b) The treasury.
(c) The throne room.
(d) The military strategy room.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the purpose of Joan's request to the leader of her country in Scene 1?

2. What is the third thing that Robert gives Joan in Scene 1?

3. In Scene 1, what animals does the steward say are not producing?

4. To whom does Joan make a request after the Dauphin gives her military control?

5. There is an officer in Scene 2 nicknamed "Bluebeard." Why is that his nickname?

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