Saint Joan Character Descriptions

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Archbishop of Rheims - This character is a political prelate who bullies the French leader and is shrewdly cynical about miracles.

Bluebeard - This character is a frivolous young courtier whose real name is Gilles de Rais.

Peter Cauchon - This character is the Bishop of Beauvais who co-presides over the main character's trial.

The Chaplain - See John de Stogumber.

Charles - This character is the current French ruler who, though not yet crowned, has already attained the throne.

Clerical Gentleman - This character arrives in 1456 from the year 1920 to announce that the protagonist has been made a saint.

John D'Estivet - This character is the prosecutor at the main character's trial who declares that the proceedings are not motivated by hate.

The Dauphin - See Charles.

Robert de Baudricourt - This character is the local squire where the protagonist lives and to whom the...

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