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Scene 1

• The play opens in a French castle called Vaucouleurs, which is located on a river between the cities of Lorraine and Champagne.

• The year is 1429.

• A military officer, Robert de Baudricourt, is angry because his hens haven't laid eggs for his breakfast due to the presence of Maid Joan.

• Joan has come seeking armor, a horse, and a few of de Baudricourt's best men so she can go to the Dauphin and convince him to lay siege to Orleans and drive the English out of France.

• Though de Baudricourt thinks the young girl is mad because she claims to be given messages from God through visions of St. Catherine and St. Margaret, he acquiesces, hoping that her presence will raise morale in the troops.

• Joan leaves the castle. The hens begin laying eggs again.

Scene 2

• Two of the Dauphin's advisers, the Archbishop of Rheims and Lord Chamberlain...

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