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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of work does Sister Harriet do?

2. Where does Ian meet Eli Everjohn?

3. Why does Thomas say Ian is playing hard to get when Ian returns from the Parent/Teacher conference?

4. How tall is Rita?

5. How does Stuart divert Rita so she'll stay seated and not go into the kitchen to cook on Christmas Day?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ian respond to Reverend Emmett advice to "view your burden as a gift"?

2. When Rita begins to bleed while she's at the bar, how does Daphne's boyfriend Curt take charge of the situation?

3. Describe Ian's uneasiness with Daphne and Gideon's relationship.

4. What condition is the sewing box in when Daphne and Agatha find it in the closet?

5. When Rita begins talking about having children, why is Ian reluctant at first?

6. Describe Eli Everjohn.

7. Why is it significant that Ian discovers Lucy's jewelry box with her important papers?

8. Describe Ariana Pennington's appearance.

9. How does Miss Pennington respond to Ian at the dinner party?

10. What does the Church of the Second Chance do when Reverend Emmett has a heart attack?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the significance of the airmailed bowling ball. Why do you think Lucy spends so much time making her decision to send it express? What is the significance of Danny's reaction to her choice to send it airmail?

Essay Topic 2

Ian describes Daphne as a fierce little girl who had to fend for herself as a child. Discuss how this is reflected in Daphne's desire to take chances and live fully as a young woman.

Essay Topic 3

Bee says "We've had such extraordinary troubles...and somehow they've turned us ordinary. That's what so hard to figure. We're not a special family anymore." Discuss how Bee saw her family as special before Danny's death, and why she believes they are ordinary afterwards. Do you agree or disagree with Bee's comment? Why or why not?

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