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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What advice does Reverend Emmett give Ian as they are walking home after the prayer meeting in Chapter Six?
(a) To find the children's father.
(b) To go back to college.
(c) To view his burden as a gift.
(d) To let his mother take of the children.

2. Why did the linen closet get wet?
(a) Thomas was playing with water balloons.
(b) Agatha dumped a pail of water in it by accident.
(c) The roof had a leak in it.
(d) The water pipe broke.

3. What does Reverend Emmett tell Ian when he calls him to announce that Rita has given birth?
(a) To pray every day.
(b) To make sure he calls his mother.
(c) That he'll be a good father.
(d) To start eating healthier foods.

4. What does Ian find in Lucy's jewelry box?
(a) Expensive diamond earrings.
(b) A key.
(c) Music.
(d) Lucy's important papers.

5. In Chapter Nine, who is Ian thinking of marrying?
(a) Rita.
(b) Clara.
(c) Ariana.
(d) Cicely.

6. Who urges Daphne to move out of the Bedloe home and find a place of her own?
(a) Ian.
(b) Agatha.
(c) Doug.
(d) Her friends.

7. Who is fifteen and does not want to attend church anymore?
(a) Frances.
(b) Daphne.
(c) Thomas.
(d) Agatha.

8. What is the relationship between Bobbeen and Rita?
(a) Co-workers.
(b) Mother and daughter.
(c) Aunt and niece.
(d) Friends.

9. What is the cold, white sauce that Reverend Emmett asks Ian to bring to dinner?
(a) Onion dip.
(b) Alfredo sauce.
(c) Clam dip.
(d) Ranch dressing.

10. What is unusual about the weather in May of 1988?
(a) It is foggy.
(b) It is hot, dry and sunny.
(c) It is cloudy with some sunshine.
(d) It rains almost every day.

11. Who comes up with the idea of finding a wife for Ian?
(a) Agatha.
(b) Bee.
(c) Daphne.
(d) Thomas.

12. Who calls Ian "Saint Maybe"?
(a) Daphne.
(b) Bee.
(c) Doug.
(d) Reverend Emmett.

13. Why does Rita have to go to the hospital when she and Ian are with Daphne and Curt at the bar?
(a) She's bleeding.
(b) Pneumonia.
(c) She got sick from too much beer.
(d) Food poisoning.

14. Who is Rita?
(a) Church member.
(b) Daphne's boss.
(c) The household organizer.
(d) Lawyer.

15. At the end of the book, who tells Reverend Emmett that she's thinking of joining his church?
(a) Bobbeen.
(b) Rita.
(c) Daphne.
(d) Agatha.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of baby gift do the foreigners give Ian and Rita?

2. What did Ian go to the market for when Agatha and Thomas were sick with the flu?

3. Where has Daphne worked for a year, the longest job she's ever had?

4. What kind of work do Daphne and Rita plan to become partners in?

5. When Rev. Emmett returns to preaching, what does he ask of Ian?

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