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1. Describe Waverly Street.

Waverly Street is the block where the Bedloe family lives. Some of the other people who live on this block include the foreigners, an ever-changing group of John Hopkins students, the widow Mrs. Jordan, and the newlyweds. Everyone on Waverly Street knows each other.

2. Describe Ian Bedloe when he was still in high school.

Ian Bedloe is the youngest of the three Bedloe children. He is handsome, with golden-brown hair and brown eyes. He wears ragged jeans and a plaid shirt, with high top sneakers held together with electrical tape. He makes friends easily and likes to enjoy himself.

3. How did Danny and Lucy meet?

Danny and Lucy met at the post office when Lucy went in to mail a package to her ex-husband. Danny works at the post office and waits on her, helping her decide whether to airmail her package that contains a bowling ball.

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