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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1: The Airmail Bowling Ball)


Chapter 1: The Airmail Bowling Ball

The Bedloe family lives on Waverly Street, which is one block long and filled with small clapboard houses and old maple trees. Everyone knows each other and each house fills a particular role, such as the "foreigners," and "the newlyweds." The Bedloe family lives at number eight and all important family events take place at the house. This lesson will explore the setting of the Bedloe family home on Waverly Street.


1) Class Discussion: Although the children are older, and Claudia has married and moved out, the family's home on Waverly Street is still a central setting for many events, such as family birthdays, Danny's announcement of his engagement, his wedding reception and ultimately his death. Discuss with the class how the house on Waverly Street plays a particular role in the events of the Bedloe family. Can the class clearly...

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