Saint Maybe Character Descriptions

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Ian Bedloe a.k.a. Saint Maybe

This character's high-top sneakers are often held together with electrical tape.

Lucy Dean

This character is divorced and works at Fill 'Er Up Cafe.

Bee Bedloe

This character develops severe arthritis in the knees, hips, and fingers.

Agatha Dean

This character takes care of a baby sister and 3-year old brother.

Thomas Dean

This character follows the Church rule to avoid sugar, because he believes doing so will reunite him with his parents when he dies.

Daphne Bedloe

This character was born just seven months after her parents' wedding.

Doug Bedloe

This character is an Algebra teacher and baseball coach.

Danny Bedloe

This character works for the post office.

Claudia Bedloe

This character names her children alphabetically.

Reverend Emmett

This character founded the Church of the Second Chance.

Cicely Brown

This character is pretty, blond, and optimistic.

The Foreigners

These characters...

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