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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Ike and Greer go to fish?
(a) Empty water.
(b) Their private dock.
(c) Government water.
(d) A popular place.

2. The two explorers mentioned are Bering and ______.
(a) Magellan.
(b) Hofston.
(c) Coldwell.
(d) Bernnie.

3. When the town was discovered, it was generally _________.
(a) Sick.
(b) Overweight.
(c) Abandoned.
(d) Foul.

4. Where did Ike fly for the CIA?
(a) North America.
(b) Africa.
(c) Central America.
(d) Europe.

5. Ike lives in a _______.
(a) Red trailer.
(b) Field.
(c) Blue house.
(d) Apartment building.

6. As Ike, Billy, Greer, Archie, and Mike head back to Alaska, they crash a _______ party.
(a) Belly dancing.
(b) Wedding.
(c) Birthday.
(d) Korean.

7. What is the albino man doing to Louise Loop?
(a) Strangling her.
(b) Kidnapping her.
(c) Helping her.
(d) Following her.

8. The town was briefly thought to be an outlet from _______.
(a) The Caspian.
(b) The Northwest Passage.
(c) An unknown lake.
(d) A magical river.

9. Why did Mike leave?
(a) To find a new wife.
(b) To visit his parents.
(c) To buy a new boat.
(d) To find his friend.

10. Where does the Loop family live?
(a) In Ike's trailer.
(b) In a house.
(c) In a five-star hotel.
(d) In the slaughterhouse.

11. Who took care of Alice's son?
(a) A nanny.
(b) Alice's parents.
(c) Ike.
(d) Foster parents.

12. In Chapter 5, who does Alice fight with at the bar?
(a) Loop brother.
(b) A hobo.
(c) Mike.
(d) Her son.

13. What does Ike have planned to do with Alice the morning after the scene at the dump?
(a) Fish.
(b) Watch the Northern Lights.
(c) Watch TV.
(d) Read.

14. Who is Archie Culligan?
(a) Mike's travel partner.
(b) Alice's ex-husband.
(c) Reverend Greener.
(d) Ike's brother.

15. What is the rumor around town?
(a) A movie is being filmed.
(b) Mike's dead.
(c) Ike's wife is back.
(d) There will be a revolt.

Short Answer Questions

1. In relation to the rest of the world, how do people in the town feel?

2. What does Steubins want with Ike?

3. What is Alice's talent?

4. How did the Underdog Club get its name?

5. When does the beginning of Chapter 2 take place?

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