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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Reverend Greener?
(a) A cult leader.
(b) A ghost.
(c) The friend they're picking up.
(d) An actor.

2. What did Mike do before settling in Alaska?
(a) Got married.
(b) Adopted a son.
(c) Went to college.
(d) Sailed around the world.

3. Shoola is the daughter of _____.
(a) A king.
(b) The chief.
(c) A peasant.
(d) Sea lions.

4. As Ike stands over the albino man and Louise, how does he describe the albino man's skin?
(a) Hard.
(b) Cold.
(c) Smooth.
(d) Slimy.

5. Where does the Loop family live?
(a) In Ike's trailer.
(b) In a five-star hotel.
(c) In the slaughterhouse.
(d) In a house.

6. Ike lives in a _______.
(a) Blue house.
(b) Apartment building.
(c) Red trailer.
(d) Field.

7. Who wrote Shoola and the Sea Lion?
(a) A politician.
(b) Alice's aunt.
(c) A school teacher.
(d) A poet.

8. At the icehouse property, Omar Loop builds a slaughterhouse and a ________.
(a) Factory.
(b) Bowling alley.
(c) Fort.
(d) Clothing store.

9. After Ike wakes up and goes to meet Alice, where is Greer waiting for Ike?
(a) At a bar.
(b) In an old boat.
(c) In his house.
(d) At the train station.

10. Ike sprays sewage over a ________.
(a) Carnival.
(b) Hospital.
(c) Field.
(d) Movie set.

11. In Chapter 6, what does the Foxcorp director want with Ike?
(a) To do him a favor.
(b) Take a leading role.
(c) Write a letter.
(d) To meet with him.

12. Why are there pigs at Paul's icehouse property?
(a) They're brought there to breed.
(b) They flock there for the winter.
(c) They have a sentimental attachment to the icehouse.
(d) They will be safe there.

13. After the Loops come to the scene, what does the albino man beg them not to do?
(a) Take Louise away from him.
(b) Tell his mom.
(c) Make him leave.
(d) Hit him again.

14. What is the predominant characteristic of Eemook?
(a) His deformity.
(b) His deafness.
(c) His eyes.
(d) His skin.

15. What joke do crows love?
(a) Knock-knock jokes.
(b) Light bulb jokes.
(c) Politically incorrect jokes.
(d) A sloppy rescue.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first unfortunate thing that happens to Paul's icehouse?

2. Why does Mike take a longer route to get home?

3. Where did Ike fly for the CIA?

4. Mike was born in _________.

5. What kind of tea is scoot?

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