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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Archie, Greer, Billy, and Ike escape in a ______.
(a) Cab.
(b) Wagon.
(c) Boat.
(d) Railway car.

2. How did the Underdog Club get its name?
(a) It's a popular saying.
(b) It's from their favorite book.
(c) It was the founder's last name.
(d) The men brought their dogs to the game.

3. Steubins admires Ike's _____.
(a) Heroism.
(b) Friendliness.
(c) Looks.
(d) Talents.

4. Mike was born in _________.
(a) Scotland.
(b) France.
(c) Germany.
(d) England.

5. What joke do crows love?
(a) A sloppy rescue.
(b) Knock-knock jokes.
(c) Light bulb jokes.
(d) Politically incorrect jokes.

6. What was Ike's friend's time in prison like?
(a) Uncommon.
(b) Brutal.
(c) Peaceful.
(d) Unremarkable.

7. How did Ike's daughter die?
(a) Car accident.
(b) Birth defects.
(c) Plane crash.
(d) It's a mystery.

8. After saving the cat, Ike hears a cry past the _______.
(a) Fence.
(b) Dump.
(c) Field.
(d) Mountains.

9. Ike knew ___________ in prison.
(a) A criminal.
(b) An albino.
(c) An old friend.
(d) An idiot.

10. Ike lives in a _______.
(a) Blue house.
(b) Apartment building.
(c) Red trailer.
(d) Field.

11. What broke up Ike and Jeannie's marriage?
(a) Too many reasons to count.
(b) The Bakatcha movement.
(c) Another woman.
(d) Ike's past.

12. The town in Sailor Song is called:
(a) Grant City.
(b) Annapolis.
(c) Kuinak.
(d) Fort Quineby.

13. In what does the cat get his head stuck?
(a) A mouse trap.
(b) A fence.
(c) The cat door.
(d) A jar of mayonnaise.

14. Why does Ike spray sewage?
(a) Just for fun.
(b) Protest his daughter's death.
(c) It was an accident.
(d) He drank too much.

15. What surrounds the town?
(a) A dark past.
(b) A vast forest.
(c) Secrets.
(d) A bay.

Short Answer Questions

1. The two explorers mentioned are Bering and ______.

2. What does Steubins warn Ike not to do?

3. What did Alice become famous around town for?

4. Why do Ike and Greer go to Skagway?

5. The Underdog Club was created after town residents attended a _____ game.

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