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Kuinak, Alaska - This is a small fishing town in Alaska inhabited by adventurers and natives.

The Columbine - This is Mike's old fishing boat.

The Sue-Z - This is Ike's small boat.

Ike's Trailer - This is painted bright red and sits on the outskirts of the town.

The Crabbe Potte - This is a common place in the town where Alice used to drink.

The Bear Flag Inn - After returning to home, Alice opens this business.

Foxcorp - This company is temporarily relocated to film a movie.

The Underdog Club - This organization was formed by locals to support animal rights.

Skagway - This is the Alaskan town popular for selling scoot.

The Cobra - This boat was named by a Korean fishing crew.

Scoot - This is a futuristic drug.

DEAP - This is the description of people in Alaska who come from...

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