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Chapter 1

• Ike dreams about his ex-wife.

• Ike hears a noise: it's a cat with his head stuck in a mayonnaise jar.

• Ike rescues the cat and it scratches him.
• Ike hears a woman screaming from the dump and goes to rescue her.

• A man is strangling Louise Loop and Ike helps her.

• The rest of the Loop family comes out to beat up the man.

Chapter 2

• Chapter 2 begins many years ago and describes the unfortunate events of Paul Peterson's ice house.

• Omar Loop builds a bowling alley and slaughterhouse on the ice house property.
• Ike wakes up in the Loop's house and rushes him to go fishing with his boss, Alice.

• Alice has already left but Greer waits for him in another boat.

Chapter 3

• Alice's husband is missing so Ike and Greer have to work overtime.

• Ike and Greer go fishing, take drugs, and talk.
• A movie is...

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