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Short Answer Questions

1. What adjective best describes the Brits' attitude toward Slocum?

2. What item did savages steal from Slocum?

3. Where was Slocum when he encountered another captain?

4. What adjective is used to describe Slocum's friend the captain?

5. Just outside of Port Angosto, Slocum was greeted by which of the following:

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss Slocum's interaction with the crew of the Colombia.

2. Name at least one of the options being considered by Slocum while he was in Boston.

3. Chapter 1 begins with Slocum in Nova Scotia. How is the Canadian province described?

4. Detail Slocum's first encounter with thieves and bandits. Discuss how the author outwitted a pirate.

5. How did Slocum's fortune change as the Spray approached Cape Horn?

6. Describe some of Slocum's earlier voyages. Which boat was used for this new pastime?

7. Loneliness and boredom became issues for Slocum. Detail at least one or two things Slocum did in order to relieve these things.

8. Discuss Slocum's trip to Juan Fernandez.

9. Discuss the events encountered by Slocum immediately after departing from Brazil.

10. What is Joshua Slocum's relationship with his father? How is John Slocum described?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

On several occasions Slocum was faced with people who harbored age old beliefs and superstitions. Choose at least three incidents, explain the belief or superstition, and how it was handled by Slocum. Did Slocum attempt to educate the people or allow them to believe what they wanted to believe in order to keep the peace or save face? Which is the most commonly held misconception? How could Slocum convince the people of the truth?

Essay Topic 2

Examine the navigational tools used in Slocum's time. Compare and contrast them to tools used 100 years before and 100 years after. What were the most significant improvements? What instruments did not change? What instruments are still in use today?

Essay Topic 3

Pirates appear in various parts of the story. Discuss in detail at least two instances in which Slocum was confronted by pirates while on his voyage. Also discuss other references made in the book that relate to pirates or similar groups.

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