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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the province where Slocum was born?

2. Slocum's issues with thieves continued. The author points out an attack with a _____ arrow.

3. In what city did the captain live?

4. Slocum says his father could make anything as long as he had which of the following:

5. What was the name of the boat that wrecked shortly before Slocum's arrival?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Ebenezer Pierce? How did the man affect Slocum's future?

2. What is Joshua Slocum's relationship with his father? How is John Slocum described?

3. How does Joshua Slocum describe the people of Nova Scotia?

4. Loneliness and boredom became issues for Slocum. Detail at least one or two things Slocum did in order to relieve these things.

5. Discuss the Slocum's ongoing relationship with the British.

6. Although the townspeople were amused by Slocum's ambitions, the author saw a different side of the boat. What plans did Slocum have for the Spray?

7. Explain the dilemma faced by Slocum when his boat was wrecked.

8. Many people were concerned about Slocum's inexperience on the open sea. Explain the point of view of the people and Slocum's attitude.

9. Chapter 1 begins with Slocum in Nova Scotia. How is the Canadian province described?

10. Discuss the events encountered by Slocum immediately after departing from Brazil.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Slocum to John Cook. Why was it significant that the Spray was located atop Cook's ashes? Why was Cook important in the story? What was Slocum's opinion of Cook?

Essay Topic 2

Examine the navigational tools used in Slocum's time. Compare and contrast them to tools used 100 years before and 100 years after. What were the most significant improvements? What instruments did not change? What instruments are still in use today?

Essay Topic 3

Slocum had to be very conscientious when it came to supplies for the ship. Create a list of supplies for the journey. Include the use of each item and how long it would last. Examine Slocum's plan for obtaining more supplies. Where did Slocum obtain more supplies? What if Slocum ran out of supplies while out at sea? What supplies were most vital? How did Slocum know where to get supplies and how much they would cost? Explain.

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