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Short Answer Questions

1. On what date did Slocum leave Port Tamar?

2. What type of tree was prevalent around the Slocum house?

3. On the first leg of the trip, Slocum sailed from Boston to which of the following locations?

4. The crew gave Slocum a gift of milk and ______.

5. Slocum recalls receiving a warm welcome when he arrived at which location?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Ebenezer Pierce? How did the man affect Slocum's future?

2. Describe some of Slocum's earlier voyages. Which boat was used for this new pastime?

3. Discuss the Slocum's ongoing relationship with the British.

4. Name at least one of the options being considered by Slocum while he was in Boston.

5. Chapter 1 begins with Slocum in Nova Scotia. How is the Canadian province described?

6. Who greeted Slocum at Snug Bay? What happened?

7. Many people were concerned about Slocum's inexperience on the open sea. Explain the point of view of the people and Slocum's attitude.

8. Describe Slocum's meeting with Capt. Howard and the subsequent trip to Buenos Aires.

9. Examine Slocum's next encounter with savages.

10. What is Joshua Slocum's relationship with his father? How is John Slocum described?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Joshua Slocum was compared to several different famous explorers including Columbus. Choose two famous explorers and compare them to Slocum. What routes did they take? What similarities were there between the men? Which had the most experience? Which was the most successful? Which took the longest voyage? Include details of at least one major undertaking of each explorer.

Essay Topic 2

Joshua Slocum spent three years traveling around the world alone. Write an essay about being out to sea for three years. What did Slocum miss? Were there any major world events during the time Slocum was gone? Explain. Was Slocum able to receive any type of news while he was at sea? What events may have happened in Slocum's personal life during the three years? What changed the most during Slocum's absence? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast Slocum to John Cook. Why was it significant that the Spray was located atop Cook's ashes? Why was Cook important in the story? What was Slocum's opinion of Cook?

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