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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By this time, Slocum was celebrating which major holiday?
(a) Christmas.
(b) Memorial Day.
(c) Easter.
(d) Fourth of July.

2. In what year was Slocum born?
(a) 1850.
(b) 1844.
(c) 1861.
(d) 1829.

3. On what date did Slocum leave Port Tamar?
(a) March 3.
(b) July 4.
(c) April 16.
(d) February 23.

4. The crew gave Slocum a gift of milk and ______.
(a) Beef.
(b) Bread.
(c) Wine.
(d) Cheese.

5. Slocum details his experiences with a civilized little _____.
(a) Shark.
(b) Sea gull.
(c) Spider.
(d) Carp.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once again Slocum was chased by savages. This time they were on the water in ___ canoes.

2. What is a williwaw?

3. What adjective is used to describe Slocum's friend the captain?

4. On the first leg of the trip, Slocum sailed from Boston to which of the following locations?

5. What word does Slocum use to describe Fuego?

Short Essay Questions

1. What gifts did Slocum receive as he left the island?

2. Who greeted Slocum at Snug Bay? What happened?

3. Slocum details a lot of violent gales in and around the Cape. Discuss the storms and Slocum's thoughts.

4. Aside from the King, Slocum met other people from royal families. Discuss the meeting with Mr. A. Young.

5. How does Joshua Slocum describe the people of Nova Scotia?

6. Slocum talks about an omen that confirmed his ambitions for the Spray. What was the omen?

7. After leaving Port Tamar, Slocum encountered more issues with the weather. Explain the issues and Slocum's decision on how to move forward.

8. Discuss the events encountered by Slocum immediately after departing from Brazil.

9. Give at least one example of Slocum's references to historical figures and how they related to the area in and around St. Helena.

10. What about the region was of historical interest to Slocum?

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