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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 15-17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the official occupation of John Slocum?
(a) Fisherman.
(b) Leather worker.
(c) Teacher.
(d) Blacksmith.

2. What is the name of the valley visible from the Slocum house?
(a) Hudson.
(b) Cape May.
(c) Annapolis.
(d) Chesapeake.

3. At first the children thought the treat was:
(a) A strange rock.
(b) Coal tar.
(c) Whale blubber.
(d) Building material.

4. One of the most interesting landmarks described by Slocum at this point was a place known as Dismal ____ Reach.
(a) Carcass.
(b) Woman.
(c) Famine.
(d) Island.

5. How many head teachers were greeted by Slocum?
(a) 1.
(b) 2.
(c) 3.
(d) 4.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following began to become an issue for Slocum?

2. On what date did the Spray leave Buenos Aires?

3. Just outside of Port Angosto, Slocum was greeted by which of the following:

4. Which ocean was Slocum prepared to traverse at this point?

5. What type of bird greeted Slocum as he approached Keeling Cocos?

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