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Chapters 1-5

• Reader is introduced to Nova Scotia.

• Slocum's childhood is discussed.

• Slocum has the sea in his blood.

• John Slocum is discussed.

• Joshua Slocum bought co-ownership of the Northern Light.

• All of Slocum's voyages were foreign.
• Slocum always wanted to be a master shipbuilder.

• In 1892 Slocum went to Boston.

• Slocum was unsure about his future.

• Slocum met Eben Pierce, a whaling captain.

• Pierce had an old sloop for sale.
• Slocum bought the boat.

• Townspeople ridiculed Slocum for his purchase.

• Slocum repaired and refitted the boat known as the Spray.

• In 1894, Slocum decided to use the boat for fishing; the plan failed.
• In 1895, Slocum departed on his first voyage.

• After seeing a shipwreck, Slocum knew he could do better.

• Slocum began to prepare for his trip around the world.

• Slocum took trips to Cape Ann and Gloucester to prepare for the voyage.
• On July 2 Slocum began the voyage...

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