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Short Answer Questions

1. What game did the insurgents play with Michael's younger sister Susan when they came to Rock Hill?

2. In the introduction to Chapter 1, how long had there been a drought?

3. When did Francis de Saram die?

4. What type of snake was a problem at Rock Hill?

5. Near what continent is Ceylon located?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Michael dream on page 27?

2. Describe the thalagoya.

3. What was the heat like in Colombo?

4. What was Mervyn like when his dipsomania would recur?

5. What did Mervyn do instead of attending college in England?

6. In the introduction to Chapter 1, what nightmare did Michael experience?

7. Under what condition, did a friend tell Michael that he seemed to know exactly what he wanted?

8. What transpired when Simon Ondaatje and his brothers would gather on Sunday mornings?

9. Describe Michael's wildness at his farewell party.

10. What were the occupations of Simon Ondaatje and his brothers?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Michael and the children came upon a dead kabaragoya on the beach. Compare the kabaragoya and the thalagoya.

Essay Topic 2

Michael indicated that resthouses were an old tradition in Ceylon. Discuss resthouses and the dispute concerning resthouses.

Essay Topic 3

Michael described Kuttapitiya, the last estate where he and his siblings lived as children. Discuss Kuttapitiya and the Ondaatje's life there.

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