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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gear was the car in when the transmission broke?
(a) 2nd.
(b) 3rd.
(c) 4th.
(d) 1st.

2. How long did Michael say it would take for the tea estate to turn to jungle if it was left alone?
(a) 3 years.
(b) 6 years.
(c) 5 years.
(d) 4 years.

3. Where did Lalla claim she was born?
(a) On the beach.
(b) During a storm.
(c) During a dinner party.
(d) During a picnic.

4. To how many hospitals did Lalla dedicate her body after her death?
(a) 6.
(b) 4.
(c) 5.
(d) 2.

5. What was the name of Lalla's head milkman?
(a) Bevan.
(b) Brumphy.
(c) Daniels.
(d) McCay.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Doris hold her breath and faint so that Mervyn would have to stop drinking?

2. How old was Lalla when she became a widow?

3. What did Willie first attempt to raise when he lived at Palm Lodge?

4. As a teen, what song did Michael dance disgracefully to with girls?

5. Where was the first place that Doris lived when she moved to England?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Mervyn deter Lalla from ravaging the garden at Kuttapitiya?

2. When Mervyn was in his twenties, why did he stop a train ten miles out of Colombo?

3. Why was it thought that Rene de Saram's husband was the victim of someone's charm?

4. What did a fortune-teller predict when Doris left Ceylon in 1949?

5. What happened to the eggs that Willie Gratiaen imported from Australia?

6. What did Doris love about Mervyn, even after the divorce?

7. Why couldn't Mervyn stand Lalla?

8. Why was Mervyn banned from the Ceylon Railroads after 1943?

9. What was Michael's mother doing when David Grenier drowned?

10. How did Michael describe the only picture he had of his parents together?

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