Running in the Family Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. In the introduction to Chapter 1, what nightmare did Michael experience?

When Michael returned to Ceylon, he had a nightmare. He saw thorn trees in the garden sending their roots underground towards the house and climbing towards the window, so they could drink the sweat of his body and steal the saliva off his tongue.

2. What did Michael see in a dream when he was staying at a friend's house near Lake Ontario?

Michael dreamed of his father. He saw him chaotic, surrounded by dogs. The dogs were screaming and barking in a tropical landscape.

3. How did Michael feel when he awoke from a friend's house near Lake Ontario?

When Michael awoke from a dream while he was sleeping at a friend's house, he sat up, all hot and sweaty, on the uncomfortable sofa. He had been weeping, and his shoulders and face were exhausted. Sleepless after waking, he wound a quilt around himself and sat there the rest of the night feeling tense.

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