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Lee Child
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Capters 21-25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How far away does the killer park from Rita's house?
(a) 5 blocks.
(b) 1/2 mile.
(c) 3 blocks.
(d) 1 mile.

2. Where was Cooke stationed when she complained about sexual harassment?
(a) Chicago.
(b) L.A.
(c) D.C.
(d) Brussels.

3. How many women fit the pattern of female harassment complainants who subsequently quit the service?
(a) 84.
(b) 91.
(c) 78.
(d) 103.

4. How long does it take Reacher and Harper to fly to McGuire/Fort Dix?
(a) 45 minutes.
(b) 20 minutes.
(c) About an hour.
(d) 30 minutes.

5. What type of a journal does the waitress at the New York bistro have where Reacher and Harper eat lunch?
(a) Psychology.
(b) Philosophy.
(c) Law.
(d) Nursing.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many silver stars did Reacher earn in the Army?

2. What is Alan Deerfield's title?

3. What type of flowers does Rita have in vases everywhere in her home?

4. How long does it take Reacher to drive home from the restaurant?

5. What do the guys carry who are taking protection money in Chinatown?

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