Running Blind Fun Activities

Lee Child
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Character Comparison

Compare yourself to one of the characters in the novel.

A Reacher Story

Read another Reacher story by Lee Child.

Dear Mr. Child

Write or email the author and tell him what you did or did not like about "Running Blind."


Write an obituary for one of the women who was killed in the novel.

Reacher and Jodie

Write about Reacher and Jodie's relationship and if it will survive after he sells his house and car.

Map It

Use a map to show the travels of the various characters in the novel, including the killer.


With a group act out a scene from the novel.

Five Years Later

With a partner, discuss what various characters will be doing five years after the close of the novel.


Draw a sketch of Reacher.

Venn Diagram

Use a Venn diagram to compare two characters.

My Town and Garrison

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