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Running Blind Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Lee Child
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Essay Topics

Using examples from the novel, discuss why the murderer said that knowledge is power.

Discuss why Reacher said that the strong terrorize the weak, use examples from the book.

Using examples from "Running Blind," discuss why at the beginning of the novel Reacher decides to help the FBI find the killer.

Using examples from the book, discuss the reasons why Reacher left the Army.

Compare and contrast Jodie and Reacher's views of rules. Use examples from "Running Blind."

Discuss the conflict between Lamarr and Reacher and how it advances the plot. Use examples from the book.

Compare and contrast the views that Reacher and Lamarr hold regarding criminal profiling. Use examples from the novel.

Using examples from the novel, discuss how Reacher eliminated the chance that Petrosian would take revenge on Jodie.

Compare and contrast the murder victims using examples from the book.

Discuss how the author used...

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