Running Blind Character Descriptions

Lee Child
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Jack Reacher

This character served as an Army MP for thirteen years and after leaving the military has spent the last three years on the road.

Jodie Jacob

This character is a lawyer on the partnership track for a large law firm and whose father was a commanding officer in the Army.

Julia Lamarr

This character is the lead profiler for the FBI working on a serial killer case where women are being murdered and left in a bathtub filled with army green paint.

Lisa Harper

This character is an attractive FBI agent assigned to stay with a character during the serial killer investigation.

Alison Lamarr

This character is the fourth victim of the serial killer.

Alan Deerfield

This character is the Assistant Director of the FBI and runs the New York office of the Bureau.

Nelson Blake

This character is an Agent in Charge based at Quantico...

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