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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is not true about the character Carl Nussman?
(a) Presents dossier's on jurors.
(b) Jury selection consultant.
(c) Works for the plaintiffs.
(d) Lawyer.

2. Why did Herman Grimes refuse to be forced off of his panel?
(a) Because he is a smoker.
(b) Because he is African American.
(c) Because he served previously on another jury.
(d) Because he is blind.

3. What does Vandemeer ask Fitch if he has?
(a) The background information on Marlee.
(b) Enough influence over the jury.
(c) Control over Jankle.
(d) The information about all of the jurors.

4. On what is the figure that is given to the jury about Jacob Wood's life based?
(a) Standardized tables.
(b) On-going profits.
(c) Life insurance.
(d) Lost wages.

5. What does Marlee tell Rohr's secretary to do?
(a) That Easter is having private conversations.
(b) Watch for an important fax with important information.
(c) Tell Rohr to keep an eye on Fitch.
(d) That she should make sure that Rohr takes her next call.

6. Why does Fitch want to find the girl who wrote the note?
(a) Because she is ruining their case.
(b) Because she lied to him.
(c) Because they want to hire her.
(d) Because the information in the note was accurate.

7. What is on the video that the jury watches after lunch?
(a) Jacob Wood before he passed away.
(b) How cigarettes are addictive and what it does to the body.
(c) What lungs look like from long-time smokers.
(d) How cigarettes are made.

8. What does the woman who runs into Nicholas Easter at Burger King do?
(a) Escorts him back to the courthouse.
(b) Buys him lunch.
(c) Asks him to start dating her.
(d) Records their conversation.

9. What is the note about that Harkin gives to the judge once the trial resumes?
(a) The jury wants their walks to happen also during delays.
(b) The man who broke into his apartment is in the courtroom.
(c) They should be allowed to arrive late if court is delayed.
(d) The jury was talking about jury tampering during the recess.

10. What does Marlee ask one of the deputies to do?
(a) Give an envelope to Fitch.
(b) Give an envelope to Durr.
(c) Give an envelope to Easter.
(d) Give an envelope to the judge.

11. Where did Easter clerk after his first year of law school?
(a) A judge presiding over a tobacco case.
(b) For Marlee's father who owns a tobacco company.
(c) A law firm working to prosecute a tobacco company.
(d) A law firm working to defend a tobacco company.

12. What is the pretense the judge has for having a private meeting with Easter?
(a) To ask about the other jurors.
(b) To talk about his meeting with Marlee.
(c) To ask him about the upcoming lunches.
(d) To see if things are okay after the fire.

13. What kinds of questions does Nicholas Easter answer when he is talking to the woman in Burger King?
(a) Questions about his willingness to accept bribes.
(b) Questions about his financial status.
(c) Questions about his attitude about smoking and smokers.
(d) Questions about his morals and values.

14. What does Easter do that has Stella share what happened to her while she was in Miami?
(a) He asks her why she continues to keep smoking.
(b) He asks her why she seems so very upset.
(c) He tells her that he was followed over the weekend.
(d) He tells her that he thinks he saw someone following her.

15. Why do you think the CEOs have decided to work with Fitch?
(a) He used to be one of the CEOs.
(b) He won 8 trials without a loss.
(c) He is a smoker.
(d) He knows all of the jurors personally.

Short Answer Questions

1. What overwhelms Shaver as he meets with Teaker, the CEO of Superhouse?

2. What progress pleased Fitch from over the weekend?

3. How does Millie react when Hoppy shows her the document discounting Robilio?

4. What offer does Shaver receive when he calls in to talk to the CEO of SuperHouse?

5. What product does Jankle compare his company's advertising budget with?

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