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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dr. Kilvan spend his testimony sharing with the jury?
(a) Mortality rates of smokers versus non-smokers.
(b) The effects of nicotine on the lungs.
(c) The amount of cigarettes it takes to become addicted.
(d) The addictive nature of smoking.

2. Who does Hoppy agree to attempt to bribe?
(a) Easter.
(b) Ringwald.
(c) Hull.
(d) Shaver.

3. What does Fitch steal from Easter that he wants his team to look through?
(a) Written records.
(b) Computer.
(c) A personal diary.
(d) His medical records.

4. Why did the lunch never show up?
(a) Because the deli got the date wrong.
(b) Because Easter had it delayed.
(c) Because Judge Harkin canceled it.
(d) Because someone gave the deli the wrong time.

5. What promise does Lonnie make to Teaton?
(a) To give the company his all his efforts when the trial is over.
(b) To do what he can in regards to the verdict.
(c) To continue to work at night.
(d) To keep Teaton updated about the jury's voting.

6. What does Vandemeer ask Fitch if he has?
(a) Enough influence over the jury.
(b) The information about all of the jurors.
(c) The background information on Marlee.
(d) Control over Jankle.

7. Why does Fitch want to find the girl who wrote the note?
(a) Because the information in the note was accurate.
(b) Because they want to hire her.
(c) Because she lied to him.
(d) Because she is ruining their case.

8. How much of the winnings does Derrick ask for?
(a) 5%.
(b) 15%.
(c) 10%.
(d) 1%.

9. How many of the jurors' medical records was Fitch able to secure?
(a) 11 out of 12.
(b) 5 out of 12.
(c) 7 out of 12.
(d) 3 out of 12.

10. What is on the video that the jury watches after lunch?
(a) What lungs look like from long-time smokers.
(b) Jacob Wood before he passed away.
(c) How cigarettes are addictive and what it does to the body.
(d) How cigarettes are made.

11. What did Marlee do as a joke when she was meeting Easter?
(a) Led Fitch's goons on a wild drive around the city.
(b) Parked close to Rohr's office.
(c) Showed Easter how she tricked Fitch's goons.
(d) Let Fitch's goons believe she was with Fitch.

12. What does Easter ask of the judge when he tells them that they will not be needed the next day?
(a) That they be allowed to visit their homes.
(b) That they be allowed to go on an outing.
(c) That they be allowed to watch television.
(d) That they be allowed to have family visit.

13. What offer does Shaver receive when he calls in to talk to the CEO of SuperHouse?
(a) A bribe to ensure they tobacco companies win.
(b) A huge pay raise in his salary.
(c) An offer for a bonus upon retirement.
(d) A job in Charlotte with a corner office.

14. What do Ken and Ben make clear to Lonnie?
(a) He cannot afford to be on the jury.
(b) They think jury duty is a waste of time.
(c) They are planning of firing him.
(d) His job is in their hands.

15. What does Durr Cable offer in his own opening remarks?
(a) Confession that the CEOs know smoking is addictive.
(b) That smoking is in no way addictive.
(c) Reassurance that the defense's case is solid.
(d) That although cancer can come from smoking, it is not addictive.

Short Answer Questions

1. What men does Fitch call off?

2. What profession does Millie Dupree's husband do?

3. Who leaves a message at Hoppy's office for Hoppy to contact him as soon as possible?

4. What does Wendall Rohr promise to prove in his opening statement?

5. How does Fitch confirm that David Lancaster, Perry Hirsch and Easter are all the same man?

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