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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much had it cost Fitch to hire the agents and Ringwald?
(a) $80,000.
(b) $800,000.
(c) $8,000.
(d) $800.

2. What demographic group does Robilio say the tobacco industry targeted?
(a) Men.
(b) Women.
(c) Middle-aged people.
(d) Teens.

3. What does Hull tell Hoppy that the money he requested is for?
(a) The necessary startup costs.
(b) The license fees.
(c) His required bribe.
(d) His son's consulting fee.

4. How does Fitch confirm that David Lancaster, Perry Hirsch and Easter are all the same man?
(a) Medical records.
(b) Handwriting expert.
(c) DNA expert.
(d) Marlee shares the information.

5. What does Easter's note to the judge request?
(a) A private meeting to talk about bribes.
(b) Working through the weekend.
(c) More time for walks.
(d) Longer lunch breaks.

6. What opinion does the Colonel have about smoking?
(a) He believes it is very addictive.
(b) He has already made up his mind about the case.
(c) He thinks giving it up just takes willpower.
(d) He thinks that it cannot kill you.

7. What prediction is in the article in Mogul?
(a) Tobacco companies could lose everything.
(b) Tobacco companies are worried.
(c) Plaintiffs are very satisfied with their case.
(d) Plaintiffs are scrambling at the last minute.

8. While the jurors are waiting for court to start, how do they mostly divide up into groups?
(a) Age.
(b) Profession.
(c) Gender.
(d) Race.

9. Where did Easter clerk after his first year of law school?
(a) For Marlee's father who owns a tobacco company.
(b) A law firm working to defend a tobacco company.
(c) A judge presiding over a tobacco case.
(d) A law firm working to prosecute a tobacco company.

10. What does Easter do that has Stella share what happened to her while she was in Miami?
(a) He asks her why she continues to keep smoking.
(b) He tells her that he was followed over the weekend.
(c) He tells her that he thinks he saw someone following her.
(d) He asks her why she seems so very upset.

11. What does Dr. Kilvan spend his testimony sharing with the jury?
(a) The addictive nature of smoking.
(b) Mortality rates of smokers versus non-smokers.
(c) The amount of cigarettes it takes to become addicted.
(d) The effects of nicotine on the lungs.

12. What progress pleased Fitch from over the weekend?
(a) Easter's part in the trial.
(b) The information shared by Marlee.
(c) Shaver's meeting in Charlotte.
(d) Hulic's reaction to being followed.

13. What does Vandemeer ask Fitch if he has?
(a) Control over Jankle.
(b) The background information on Marlee.
(c) The information about all of the jurors.
(d) Enough influence over the jury.

14. Why does the Judge release the jury early for the day?
(a) Easter requested that it end early today.
(b) He has an appointment for the day.
(c) He needs to hear some motions.
(d) The plaintiff lawyers asked for this to happen.

15. Why does Marlee request an immediate interview with Fitch?
(a) To tell him that she is dealing with Rohr.
(b) To ask him for more money.
(c) To threaten him if he continues to follow her.
(d) To tell him to stay out of her past.

Short Answer Questions

1. What information does Fitch uncover on Rikki Coleman?

2. Where do Fernanadez and Easter head when they sneak out of the motel?

3. What promise does Lonnie make to Teaton?

4. Where does a bus take the jurors?

5. What is Nicholas Easter working on as Chapter 4 opens?

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