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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What stance does Durwood Cable take as he begins to talk to the potential jurors?
(a) That people choose to smoke.
(b) That smoking is addictive.
(c) That jurors must believe the defense more than the plaintiff.
(d) That they must be willing to settle for large payouts.

2. How does Fitch confirm that David Lancaster, Perry Hirsch and Easter are all the same man?
(a) Handwriting expert.
(b) DNA expert.
(c) Marlee shares the information.
(d) Medical records.

3. What does Fitch steal from Easter that he wants his team to look through?
(a) Computer.
(b) A personal diary.
(c) Written records.
(d) His medical records.

4. What information does Fitch uncover on Rikki Coleman?
(a) She previously accepted a bribe.
(b) She regularly cheats on her husband.
(c) She had an abortion before meeting her husband.
(d) She does not get along with the other jurors.

5. Which of the following characters is a closet smoker?
(a) Rankin Fitch.
(b) Traci Wilkes.
(c) Nicholas Easter.
(d) Carl Nussman.

6. Why does the Judge release the jury early for the day?
(a) He has an appointment for the day.
(b) He needs to hear some motions.
(c) The plaintiff lawyers asked for this to happen.
(d) Easter requested that it end early today.

7. What does Marlee ask one of the deputies to do?
(a) Give an envelope to Durr.
(b) Give an envelope to Easter.
(c) Give an envelope to Fitch.
(d) Give an envelope to the judge.

8. What men does Fitch call off?
(a) Those watching the jurors.
(b) Those looking into Easter's past.
(c) Those looking into Marlee's past.
(d) Those working with Hoppy.

9. What is the pretense the judge has for having a private meeting with Easter?
(a) To see if things are okay after the fire.
(b) To ask him about the upcoming lunches.
(c) To talk about his meeting with Marlee.
(d) To ask about the other jurors.

10. What is Nicholas Easter working on as Chapter 4 opens?
(a) Research on the lawyers on the case.
(b) Plan for making sure he will be picked for the jury.
(c) Jury selection questionaire.
(d) His medical history questionaire.

11. Who leaves a message at Hoppy's office for Hoppy to contact him as soon as possible?
(a) Marlee.
(b) Hull.
(c) Rohr.
(d) Easter.

12. Where did Easter clerk after his first year of law school?
(a) For Marlee's father who owns a tobacco company.
(b) A law firm working to defend a tobacco company.
(c) A judge presiding over a tobacco case.
(d) A law firm working to prosecute a tobacco company.

13. Why did Herman Grimes refuse to be forced off of his panel?
(a) Because he is a smoker.
(b) Because he is blind.
(c) Because he is African American.
(d) Because he served previously on another jury.

14. Who does Hoppy agree to attempt to bribe?
(a) Shaver.
(b) Easter.
(c) Hull.
(d) Ringwald.

15. Where does a bus take the jurors?
(a) New Orleans.
(b) Memphis.
(c) Atlanta.
(d) Biloxi.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many tobacco companies have come together to create the fund?

2. In what city will this court case be taking place?

3. Why does the judge continue to dismiss people from the courtroom as the scene shifts to the courtroom?

4. What offer does Shaver receive when he calls in to talk to the CEO of SuperHouse?

5. What causes the jury to have a particularly strong reaction during the testimony?

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