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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Celeste?
(a) Jacob's widow.
(b) Scientist.
(c) Tobacco CEO.
(d) Former smoker.

2. Why is Small sent to Lawrence by Fitch?
(a) To find information on another juror.
(b) To check on Rohr's next witness.
(c) To investigate Marlee.
(d) To investigate Easter.

3. Where do Fernanadez and Easter head when they sneak out of the motel?
(a) Restaurant.
(b) Casino.
(c) Individual homes.
(d) Courtroom.

4. What does Marlee tell Rohr's secretary to do?
(a) Watch for an important fax with important information.
(b) That Easter is having private conversations.
(c) That she should make sure that Rohr takes her next call.
(d) Tell Rohr to keep an eye on Fitch.

5. What were the investigators able to track down in regards to the past of Marlee and Easter?
(a) One of the Marlee's waitress friends.
(b) One of Easter's law school buddies.
(c) One of Marlee's relatives.
(d) One of the Easter's relatives.

6. What does Rankin Fitch demand to know?
(a) Why they still don't know about all of the jurors.
(b) Why they are still working through the weekend.
(c) Why they are talking about the jurors.
(d) Why they are meeting in such a public place.

7. Why does Marlee tell Fitch that Rohr is worried about the damage he can do?
(a) Because Fitch doesn't want to lose.
(b) Because Rohr believes in his cause and wants to win.
(c) Because Fitch has more money to do damage.
(d) Because Rohr knows that Fitch is dishonest.

8. Why did Herman Grimes refuse to be forced off of his panel?
(a) Because he served previously on another jury.
(b) Because he is a smoker.
(c) Because he is blind.
(d) Because he is African American.

9. Why doesn't Stella leave the hotel room for most of her trip when she and her husband go to Miami?
(a) She wants to have private time with her husband.
(b) She needs to sleep after spending so much time on the jury.
(c) She is scared about someone following her.
(d) She is very ill and probably has food poisoning.

10. Why aren't the men hired by FItch able to continue pursuing Marlee as she gets on the plane?
(a) She changes into a disguise.
(b) She calls the police on them.
(c) She loses them in the airport.
(d) They get held up at security.

11. Why does Marlee request an immediate interview with Fitch?
(a) To tell him that she is dealing with Rohr.
(b) To tell him to stay out of her past.
(c) To threaten him if he continues to follow her.
(d) To ask him for more money.

12. Why did the lunch never show up?
(a) Because Judge Harkin canceled it.
(b) Because someone gave the deli the wrong time.
(c) Because the deli got the date wrong.
(d) Because Easter had it delayed.

13. Which of the following is not something Fitch was able to retrieve from the items stolen from Easter's apartment?
(a) A summary of information about Fitch.
(b) A summary of news items about the tobacco industry.
(c) Letter to his mother, signed by Jeff.
(d) Bad poetry.

14. What does Easter ask of the judge when he tells them that they will not be needed the next day?
(a) That they be allowed to have family visit.
(b) That they be allowed to go on an outing.
(c) That they be allowed to watch television.
(d) That they be allowed to visit their homes.

15. What does Easter tell the other jurors in the jury room?
(a) That a woman is tape recording them.
(b) He has been followed.
(c) In other trials jurors had been tampered with.
(d) That he was personally offered a bribe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What agency did Swanson previously work for?

2. How does Millie react when Hoppy shows her the document discounting Robilio?

3. Why does Fitch want to find the girl who wrote the note?

4. What does Easter convince the jury to do before they sit down?

5. Why does the Judge release the jury early for the day?

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