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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 42.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Hoppy opens the door Saturday morning after he visits with his wife?
(a) The FBI is there to ask him questions.
(b) Ringwald is there with the money.
(c) His wife is there crying.
(d) Hull is there to back out of the plans.

2. How much money does Easter think they should give to Mrs. Wood?
(a) One billion dollars.
(b) No money, just the verdict.
(c) One million dollars.
(d) One hundred thousand dollars.

3. What new demand does Maple make as he meets with Cleve?
(a) Money up front for one vote and deposits for the others.
(b) A lump sum of money regardless of how many votes he can get.
(c) An increase of the amount per vote he wants.
(d) All of the money up front for five votes.

4. What does Rankin Fitch demand to know?
(a) Why they are still working through the weekend.
(b) Why they are meeting in such a public place.
(c) Why they are talking about the jurors.
(d) Why they still don't know about all of the jurors.

5. What do Henry and Easter agree about when they discuss the trial?
(a) That they have already reached a decision.
(b) That a mistrial would be disastrous.
(c) That the testimony is boring.
(d) That the tobacco side seems to be winning.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Easter do that is expressly forbidden during the personal visit time?

2. How much of the winnings does Derrick ask for?

3. What does Easter say to convince Millie that she should still be on the jury?

4. Why is Herrera excused from the jury?

5. What does Easter do to Herman's coffee?

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