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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 39.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What information does Swanson get about Marlee from Beverly Monk?
(a) That she seemed well off and rarely talked about her past.
(b) That she had a boyfriend, who was not named Jeff, but suddenly disappeared.
(c) That she was poor and then suddenly very well off but never said where it was from.
(d) That she and Jeff always hung out together but never talked to others.

2. Why is Herrera excused from the jury?
(a) Because he was talking about the case when he shouldn't be.
(b) Because he tells Easter he has already made his mind.
(c) Because they find a magazine in his room.
(d) Because he got into an argument with another juror.

3. What does Hull tell Hoppy that the money he requested is for?
(a) His required bribe.
(b) His son's consulting fee.
(c) The necessary startup costs.
(d) The license fees.

4. What does the woman who runs into Nicholas Easter at Burger King do?
(a) Buys him lunch.
(b) Asks him to start dating her.
(c) Records their conversation.
(d) Escorts him back to the courthouse.

5. What happens when Hoppy opens the door Saturday morning after he visits with his wife?
(a) Hull is there to back out of the plans.
(b) The FBI is there to ask him questions.
(c) His wife is there crying.
(d) Ringwald is there with the money.

Short Answer Questions

1. What opinion does the Colonel have about smoking?

2. What information did Swanson find out about the people he believes to be Marlee's parents?

3. Who leaves a message at Hoppy's office for Hoppy to contact him as soon as possible?

4. How much had it cost Fitch to hire the agents and Ringwald?

5. What does Marlee do when Fitch arrives at the apartment?

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