Daily Lessons for Teaching The Runaway Jury

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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)


Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

The students will be able to evaluate ideas from the text.


Possible Activities:

• At the end of these introductory chapters, what idea is the reader left with about the plaintiffs and the defendants. Answer in writing.

• Have the students work together in small groups to answer how the defendants are portrayed as defenseless and why this seems to contradictory to their positions of power.

• Have the students work together in small groups to answer: How does the author portray the character of Rankin Fitch?


Have the students describe in writing how effectively these two introductory chapters are at introducing the reader to the main characters in the novel.


Describe in writing how you as the reader, see the main players in the novel. Who do you think will continue to have a key role as the novel progresses and why?

Lesson 2 (from Chapter 3 | Chapter 4)

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