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Short Answer Questions

1. What bothers Rusty-James about the situation with Biff?

2. Who is in the reformatory with Rusty-James?

3. Who is Rusty-James' girlfriend?

4. Where does Rusty-James go at midnight?

5. How much does someone offer Motorcycle Boy to kill someone?

Short Essay Questions

1. After locating a former gang member, what important fact does Rusty-James learn about Motorcycle Boy?

2. Why is Rusty-James frightened when Motorcycle Boy smiles after he tells him the picture was a good one?

3. Why does Steve think people in the neighborhood will have a heart attack if Rusty-James goes home?

4. Why is it important for Rusty-James' friends to go to the vacant lot to watch him fight Biff?

5. What is the importance of Rusty-James losing his taste for alcohol?

6. How do the type of classes Rusty-James has in school impact his character?

7. Why does Rusty-James like the ocean?

8. Why is Rusty-James upset that Steve has been beaten up?

9. Why does Rusty-James' father believe that Motorcycle Boy is not crazy?

10. In Chapter 2, with what does Steve try to get Rusty-James to confront and deal?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Interpret the meaning of Motorcycle Boy's comment that he "never crossed the river" when asked if he saw the ocean in California. How does this exemplify the Motorcycle Boy's life choices? Find descriptions from the text to support your answer and to provide evidence for your opinion.

Essay Topic 2

The theme of alienation is prevalent throughout the novel. Select one of the major characters and explain how they experience alienation, and in what manner. Find descriptions from the text to support your answer and to provide evidence for your opinion.

Essay Topic 3

How does the perspective of distance between the past and the present affect the main protagonist, Rusty-James? Analyze how Rusty-James' character has/has not changed during the five years since the night of the knife fight.

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