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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Steve's father do when Steve comes home after 10 o'clock?
(a) He grounds Steve.
(b) He beats Steve.
(c) He yells at Steve.
(d) He leeaves.

2. About what does Rusty-James think when someone steps out of the darkness in the ally?
(a) Gangs.
(b) School.
(c) His own death.
(d) His parents.

3. Where does Rusty-James go after he wakes up with a bad headache?
(a) A clinic.
(b) Home.
(c) Benny's.
(d) School.

4. What does Rusty-James steal from the drugstore?
(a) Candy.
(b) Aspirin.
(c) Food.
(d) Beer.

5. What happens to Rusty-James after he tells the doctor he is not going to the hospital?
(a) Everything turns gray and a ringing starts in his ears.
(b) He goes anyway.
(c) He passes out.
(d) He starts to bleed.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 7, whom does Steve worry Rusty-James will become?

2. At Benny's, who does Rusty-James ask to step outside to talk?

3. In the present, what does Steve invite Rusty-James to do as he stands on the beach?

4. Who does Rusty-James want to see from the front booth?

5. What does Rusty-James hope will happen if he does not see Steve again?

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