Rumble Fish Character Descriptions

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Smokey - This character has unusually colored eyes and is easily becomes nervous about gang violence.

B. J. - This character is a fat, tough kid who hangs out at Benny's.

Cassandra - This character is a student-teacher from a good family who gives it all up to live in a crummy neighborhood.

Mr. Harrigan - This character works at the school and is considered a guidance counselor.

Weston McCauley - This character was once second-in-command of a gang, but is now a heroin addict.

Midget - This character is a tall, skinny kid who comes into Benny's with urgent news.

Motorcycle Boy - This character, idolized by others in town, has put a stop to gang rumbles that occurred years earlier. Additionally, this character seems much older than their actual age.

Roy Patterson - This character is a police officer who holds a grudge against...

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